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ERGO is an organization of ESL/ELD coordinators, consultants, and designated representatives of boards of education, colleges and universities across Ontario dedicated to the improvement of educational opportunities and practices for English language learners (ELLs).

Resource Group of Ontario

Our Goals

ERGO will:


  • advocate for English language learners (ELLs) to ensure that they have equitable access to quality education programs

  • provide leadership in the development of Ministry of Education policy and resource documents related to ELLs

  • support the implementation of elementary and secondary programs by developing and sharing resources

  • contribute and respond to provincial and federal issues related to ELLs

  • provide a forum for discussion and response to issues, initiatives and research

  • provide opportunities for professional development and capacity building

  • provide a provincial network for communication and liaison

ERGO has responded to and provided feedback on the following issues and documents in past years:


  • teacher training to address the changing cultural and linguistic diversity of Ontario

  • Provincial Report Cards

  • initial assessment of ELLs

  • the STEP Resources (Steps to English Proficiency) 

  • supporting ELLs with Special Education needs

  • the ESL/ELD funding model

  • secondary ESL/ELD policy and programming recommendation

  • EQAO assessments

  • Ministry curriculum documents

  • post-secondary student needs

Nada Aoudeh

Co-chair 2016-2018


Atala Andratis

Co-chair 2017-2019



Christina Maschas-Hammond



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ERGO Executive

For information on how we are organized, see ERGO's Constitution