Guided Reading Videos

The Food Bank

By James Savelli


Fatema learns all about the Food Bank from her friend Gul Pana.  Read along to find out what happens at a Food Bank.



Applying to College

By Sharon Newmaster 


Nazim wants to apply to college but he does not have a credit card to pay the application fee.

I Like To Save Money

By Sharon Newmaster


Learn the names of the Canadian coins and bills.

Where is My Bank Card?

By Sharon Newmaster


Read about what happens when Samim loses his bank card.

The Cell Phone

By James Savelli


Nabi asks his friend Faisal to help him cancel his cell phone plan.  The boys learn an important lesson about cell phone contracts.


Canadian Money

By Sharon Newmaster


Learn about the different colours and values of Canadian money.



by Sharon Newmaster


Learn about the different colours of Canadian money.

Applying for a Job

By Peggy Dunham


Nay Moo and Htee Gre are looking for jobs.  Read along as they make some mistakes and learn how to apply for a job.


Fundraising: The Bake Sale

By Monica Petrus


Malyoun is from Somalia and she wants to hel people there.  She joins the Water Ambassadors and raises money through a bake sale.  Read to learn how they planned for the fundraiser.

Fundraising: Greeting Cards

By Monica Petrus


Ayan joins some clubs at school and learns about fundraising.  Learn about how she and her friends make greeting cards to raise money to help others.

Fundraising: Henna Design

by Monica Petrus


A group of girls is trying to raise money for a clean water project in Africa.  The girls have an idea.  Read about how they raise $89.00 for the cause.


Htee Moo's Shoes

By Peggy Dunham


Htee Moo receives some money as a gift and he wants to buy some new shoes.  Read along as he learns a lesson about "buyer's remorse".

Opening a Bank Account

By Monica Petrus


Mariam is saving for college. Learn with Mariam how to open a bank account.

Pay the Fine

By Mandi Gerland and Ann Woomert


In this story, Adam finds out what happens when he doesn''t return his library books on time!  Read along as he learns about library fines and figures out how to pay them.

The Right Shoes

By Mandi Gerland and Ann Woomert


Lara needs a new pair of shoes for the school prom and she must decide which ones to buy.  Read about making choices based on prices and discounts.

Time to Save!

By Mandi Gerland and Ann Woomert


Lara learns how to use her bank account for saving for college.  Read as she learns how to deposit her pay cheques and transfer money to her chequing account.

What Can I Do?

By Monica Petrus


Mariam reads about Ryan Hreljac's story and is inspired to help him build water wells in Africa.  Learn how she starts a new club at her school called Water Ambassadors.

We Pay the Tax

By Ann Woomert


On their second day in Canada, Mohamed and Abdilahi buy a snack from a store.  They quickly learn that they must pay tax on some items in Canada.

What Should I Buy?

By Peggy Dunham


Sunita is in charge of buying groceries this week.  Her siser wants her to buy some pop but will Sunita have enough money?  Read as she estimates the cost of her food purchases.

Why Volunteer?

By Monica Petrus


Fatuma wonders why people work for free.  Learn with her the benefits of volunteering and how it can lead to a paid job.

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