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Binogi - the Digital Path to Learning


Binogi is developing and expanding!  We’ve added more content and new languages to our digital multilingual platform. 


Join us for this session to discover:

  • what’s new at Binogi
  • how Binogi can help build capacity with the digitalisation of learning for both teachers and students 
  • options to access Binogi 


Check us out at Binogi.ca.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram






June 15, 2022



Unpacking Case Studies From Ontario Schools Using An Equity Lens with Rabia Khokhar 


In this session we  explore how case studies can help us honour, center and learn about how to work towards equitable outcomes for English Language Learners. We unpack 2-3 case studies as a group focused on a broad range of topics relevant for English Language Learners. Through discussions and activities focused on unpacking the case studies we will consider individual and systemic actions that are needed to ensure English Language Learners feel respected, represented and a sense of belonging in their learning spaces and broader schooling experiences.








May 17, 2022







The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) Right To Read Report - A Critique by Dr. Jim Cummins


slide presentation


The Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC) Right To Read Report - A Critique by Dr. Jim Cummins, OISE/University of Toronto


Pedagogies For The Poor? Realigning Reading Instruction for Low-Income Students With Scientifically Based Reading Research by Dr. Jim Cummins, OISE/University of Toronto


Permission granted by Dr. Jim Cummins to share the above articles on this webpage.












April 7, 2022



Culturally Responsive and Relevant Pedagogy (CRRP) with Dr. Andrew B. Campbell 


Culturally Relevant and Response Pedagogy (CRRP), in recent times, has been the go-to approach to ensure equity diversity and inclusion (EDI) is evidenced within the curriculum.
However, in far too many schools, what we see is an add-on here or there where “appropriate” to satisfy often a mandated approach to EDI within the Classroom. CRRP is more than an add-on; it speaks to\ the very disposition of the educator, their planning, preparation and everyday practice. In this workshop, participants will examine the tenets of culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy and decide on practical ways to center the ideas of equity and belonging within their teaching and learning engagement.










April 6, 2021


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Teacher's Perspective: Binogi Experiences in Ontario Classrooms


Learn from the experiences of Ontario teachers at Waterloo Catholic DSB who have been using Binogi in their classrooms since September 2021.  Learn more about Binogi and how it's used as a springboard so teachers can confidently shift to a translanguaging pedagogy where multilingual learners can always access curriculum learning at school and home.  





March 23, 2022





Exploring Multilingual Technology

Multilingual technology allows us to support learners and accommodate their learning of different content areas including languages, science, math. Join us to learn from Dr. Dania Wattar and Vivian Lee from OISE, University of Toronto about different technologies that can be used to support Multilingual learners.


March 9, 2022






Beginning with Beginners


There are so many things we can do when working with multilingual learners at the beginning steps of learning English to help them learn content while developing language skills. It all starts with comprehensible input.


In this engaging webinar, Tan Huynh will facilitate a lesson demonstration to model the principles of comprehensible input with a strategy called Picture Word Inductive Model (PWIM). It can be used with beginners in grades 3-12, yet the principles can be modified to work for even younger students.


PWIM will create opportunities to learn content-specific vocabulary words, read, and speak in the new language.  Tan will also briefly share examples of using translanguaing so that students understand and are understood by mobilizing all of their linguistic skills. 







March 3, 2022


Tan Huynh shares teaching strategies on his blog, podcast, and online courses with the hopes of celebrating teachers who answer the call to serve multilingual learners. You can learn more about his work by going to TanKHuynh.com.







The Language Friendly School Teachers and Their Experiences


Join us to learn from a team of Ontario teachers at Silver Creek Public School which has the designation of a Language Friendly School.  Teachers (Marci Dunhill,  Karen James and Kim Finger),  will share their learning and how they have been working towards becoming a Language Friendly School so the multilingual voices of all students are valuable contribution to the learning environment.  


Language Friendly School Video

Learn more from The Language Friendly School session - December 2021

The Language Friendly School: An Inclusive and Equitable Pedagogy (article)












February 24, 2022






Math Problems in Different Languages


Do you ever wonder how your multilingual learners solve math problems? Are you aware of some of the similarities and differences that relate to mathematical problems in different languages? Check out this fun session with Dr. Dania Wattar at OISE, University of Toronto where you get to try to solve some simple math questions in Arabic, learn about different numerals,and some tips and tricks related to teaching math to multilingual learners.








 February 9, 2022 



Understanding math curriculum in different countries to support multilingual learners: Curriculum mapping of Syrian curriculum (Mathematics Grades 4-8)


Have you ever wondered how math is taught in different countries? What  topics are taught? How did some of your students learn math before coming to Canada? 


Learn from Dr. Dania Wattar and Dr. Emmanuelle Le- Pichon Vorstman at OISE, University of Toronto about the Syrian math curriculum, how it relates to the Ontario curriculum and implications for teaching math to Arabic- speaking students.  



Learn more - https://escapeprojects.ca/

Check out the Family Portal - https://escapeprojects.ca/families-english/

Multilingual Resources to Support Learning Math and Science - https://sites.google.com/view/multilingualmath

February 2, 2022







Binogi and Translanguaging Pedagogy

Binogi is being used to kick start conversations and develop translanguaging pedagogy in secondary classrooms in Ontario. 

January 12, 2022


Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman and Jim Cummins from OISE at the University of Toronto outline how Binogi can lead to teachers infusing translanguaging into classrooms.  Binogi acts as a bridge to develop translanguaging pedagogy for secondary teachers supporting multiligual learners.

Explore Binogi videos                                                                           Learn more about Binogi 






Me Mapping & Oral Language Development


Learn about Me Mapping Pedagogy and how to create Me Maps with newcomer students.  Antoinette Gagne from OISE at the University of Toronto will share about Me Mapping Pedagogy as tool to build oral language skills and engage language learners.


This session is intended for  educators, ESL/ELD teachers, teacher candidates and Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS).


Me Mapping with Multilingual Learners -- https://sites.google.com/view/memapping

Slides from session








December 14, 2021





Education of Children & Youth of Refugee Backgrounds


Learn about some Ontario-based resources related to the education of children and youth of refugee background.  Antoinette Gagne from OISE at the University of Toronto shares resources that could be used by educators supporting students arriving from refugee backgrounds.


This session is intended for Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS), teacher candidates, administrators, ERGO or ORNG members, ESL/ELD teacher, classroom teachers.


Education of Children & Youth of Refugee Backgrounds






December 8, 2021


Links from the session - 




ELL Module Webinar


Join us to learn how you can better support your English Language Learners (ELL/MLL).


LEARNstyle partnered with Waterloo Region District School Board to build a module to track, manage, and report on students' English language proficiency.

In this webinar you will hear from Loretta Neufeld Vandesande (Learning Services, ESL/ELD Consultant) and Lara Shantz (Learning Support Services Consultant) from WRDSB about why they felt this module would benefit their ELL students and see a demonstration of everything the software has to offer.


November 25th, 2021    


December 8th, 2021      













Emergence of Learning through Scaffolded Mediations for Students In Technology-Rich Learning-Oriented Assessment Environment with Dr. Eunice Jang, OISE, Univeristy of Toronto


New horizons have opened with performative task designs infused with authentic audio and video stimuli, spontaneous performance modes, adaptive scaffolding during learning-oriented assessment. Mediation through feedback during task performance can be distinct from end-of-task feedback as it provides simultaneous diagnosis and scaffolding. Real-time data processing allows for timely and adaptive feedback for students, which can be used for expert, interactive, and self-scaffolding during task performance. In this talk, I discuss dialogic scaffolding for students from diverse home language backgrounds through Balance AI that leverages artificial intelligence to provide instant feedback during task performance. Based on collaborations with community outreach programs supporting students ages 8-14 from immigrant and refugee families, I examine the emergence of learning through mediated scaffolding and discuss pedagogical implications.



Watch recording

  December 7, 2021





Language Friendly School

Learn more about the Language Friendly School with Emmanuelle Le Pichon-Vorstman from OISE at the University of Toronto and Roberto Di Prospero, Principal of Siver Creek.  Learn from the teachers (Marcie Dunnill, Kimberly Finger, Karen James) who support this valuable work in an Ontario Language Friendly School.  We are blown away by  their inclusion and commitment to the language friendly school!


This session is open to all educators or teacher candidates, Settlement Workers in Schools (SWIS), ESL/ELD teachers, leads and principals interested in learning how to make a language plan for their school.



Watch the recording

     December 2, 2021










Learn more here before the session: 







Texts for Multilingual Learners  - Scholastic Talk About Series - Digital

Learn about the NEW online edition Scholastic Talk About Series of levelled non-fiction readers intended for students learning to read in Ontario schools.   


Talk About Online Edition offers models of everyday English language for students adding English to their language repitoire  or who are at the beginning steps of developing literacy skills. The series is made up of 4 sets of non-fiction digital student books that range from Beginning to Intermediate levels.


A brief overview of this non-fiction series intended for students learning English in grades 3-12.  This session is intended as awareness and not as an endorsement of Scholastic products.


Talk About Correlation to the Ontario Ministry of Education STEP Continua


Check out the recording















November 16, 2021


Advocating for multilingualism in assessment in Ontario education

by: Saskia Van Viegen - Assistant Professor Department of Languages, Literatures and Linguistics York University


October 4, 2021


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Powerful Practices for Supporting English Learners - Elevating Diverse Assets and Identities

by: Fern Westernoff, Stephaney Jones-Vo, Paula Markus


A brief overview to learn more about this new resource that includes many strategies to students of diverse background focussed around essential questions and answers.  Many students scenarios come from Ontario schools and educators.   Paula Markus is a former ERGO member and ESL/ELD Program Coordinator at the TDSB.  We loved onnecting with these 3 experienced authors to learn more about their book and the others who who we were able to join in the conversation.


Watch the recording - June 2021







Professional Learning for ERGO Members-

Helaine Marshall


Learn about supporting students with limited prior schooling (LPS) or also known as students with limited or interupted formal education (SLIFE)  with Helaine Marshall.






Learn more:







Chapter 1






Texts for English Language Learners - Pearson Big Ideas Series

Ontario teachers are invited to join us for a brief overview of the Pearson Big Ideas series for ELLs.  This series includes adapted texts for junior/intermediate/senior students beginning to learn to read.  The science and social studies topics are based on the Ontario curriculum for grades 4-6.  This session is intended as awareness and not as an endorsement of the Pearson products.  


Big Ideas Series - Information















Watch brief overview of the Big Ideas Series from Pearson Canada  (hard copy and digital) - May 2021
















Texts for English Language Learners - Oxford

Learn about Oxford's resources that may be useful for ELLs in junior/intermediate/senior grades in Ontario schools.   A brief overview of the Bookworms, Dominoes and Read and Discover series.   This session is intended as awareness and not as an endorsement of the Oxford products.



Click here to purchase the Oxford Picture Dictionary on RedShelf.com

Click here for our Graded Reader Catalogue

Click here for sample pages for the following graded reader series (click on the green “look inside” button):


Watch the brief overview of Oxford Canada resources - April 2021







Learn more about the Oxford Picture Dictionary and related resources for teachers:





Texts for English Language Learners - Scholastic Talk About Series

Learn about the Scholastic Talk About Series of levelled non-fiction readers intended for ELLs in Ontario schools.   The Talk About series includes activites teachers can use to extend the conversations and learning.  The topics focus on vocabulary and information about the world around us and connect to the science curriculum.  Teachers are invited to join us for a brief overview of this non-fiction series intended for students learning English in grades 3-12.  This session is intended as awareness and not as an endorsement of Scholastic products.







Watch the brief overview of the Talk About Series - March 2021









ERGO Book Club - February & March 2021

Lead by:  Carrie Mage (WCDSB)  and Sharon Newmaster (WDSB)


Thank you to all the ERGO members who joined this book club!  



Named one of Time Magazine's Must-Read Books of 2020 and one of the best books of the month by The New York Times, Salon, Vanity Fair, Bustle, The Millions, and Vogue, and featuring stories that have appeared in Harper's, Granta, The Atlantic, and The Paris Review, this revelatory book of fiction from O. Henry Award winner Souvankham Thammavongsa establishes her as an essential new voice in Canadian and world literature. Told with compassion and wry humour.





Click the book to order.



Guest speaker for ERGO members


Esther Park

Watch the recording of this webinar



Share your thoughts of and learning from the webinar on Twitter using @ERGO.


Esther met with ERGO members on February 19, 2021 to share her tips and strategies (and enthusiam) for engaging and connecting with ELLs in the virtual learning environment. 


You can visit Esther's active Twitter, Instagram and website for hands on, easy to use tips and shared templates that are ready to for teachers to use in their own classrooms.  Esther has been an inspiration for many Ontario educators in growing their tech skills to provide opportunities to develop English skills while participating in curriculum learning.



Not Your Grandma's Book Study - webinar

May 14, 2020

Tan Huynh, Dr. Katie Toppel & Carol Salva lead a webinar for ERGO leadership. The focus was helping leadership facilitate book studies in our new online environment. Katie Toppel & Tan Huyhn are founders of #ELLchat_BkClub. Carol Salva co-authored Boosting Achievement and leads many online book studies.  Tan Huynh's Empowering ELLs website is a valuable resource for ESL/ELD teachers.


ERGO - book club webinar - slides



Watch the webinar:

Carol Salva - YouTube Channel 



Professional Learning Opportunity for ERGO Members

January - June 2020


Book Study for ERGO members:  Breaking Down the Wall



ERGO members participated in this book study lead by Sharon Newmaster (CODE) and Carrie Mage (WCDSB).  ERGO members can contact Sharon or Carrie for access to the shared Google Slides that document the shared learning from this book study.







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