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Teacher Union Resources

Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation

Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association


Association des enseignantes et des enseignants franco-ontariens

Settlement And Community Resources

www.settlement.org - Information for newcomers to Ontario, Canada.  Includes translated information and videos. 

People For Educaton - Translated Tip Sheets for newcomer parents about the Ontario education system.

New Youth -  An online community for immigrant and refugee youth all over Ontario.

Caring For Kids New To Canada - A guide for health professionals working with immigrant and refugee children and youth

If You Want Your Child To Succeed - Hold On To Your Home Language -  Translated Brochure for Parents from Ryerson University

Canada's Food Guide - Translated Food Guide Snapshot

Translated Newcomer Parent Resources - CMAS - Supporting the Settlement of Young Immigrant and Refugee Children

Research and University Conections

Identity Texts and Literacy Development Among Preschool English Language Learners: Enhancing Learning Opportunities for Children at Risk for Learning Disabilities (article)

Linguistically Appropriate Practice (LAP) - Ryerson University 

Related research papers - Young ELLs

A Dual Language Book Project - Hetty Roessingh - University of Calgary 

ESL Infusion - OISE, University of Toronto 

Diversity in Teaching - Antoinette Gagné, OISE and Clea Schmidt, University of Manitoba

Bridging Two Worlds: Supporting Newcomer & Refugee Youth - Dr. Jan Stewart and Dr. Lorna Martin

Affirming identity in multilingual classrooms - Jim Cummins, Vicki Bismilla, Patricia Chow, Sarah Cohen, Frances Giampapa, Lisa Leoni, Perminder Sandhu, and Padma Sastr (article)


Ontario educators supporting English language learners (ELLS) teach Ontario curriculum while supporting the English language development of all students, including Canadian-born and newcomer ELLs.  Wherever possible, educators provide students in K-12 opportunities for literacy development in English and their home language. 

Ontario educators will adapt curriculum programming according to an ELL's current STEP OLB or OLLB level.  Some of the following online platforms and resources may offer tools to scaffold curriculum learning while ELLs continue to develop social and academic language proficiency. 

The following websites may not be endorsed by all Ontario school boards (for various legal, privacy, and IT reasons).  This list of tools may offer educators tools to engage all students in a space to develop oral, writing or reading skills in English or their home language. 

Teacher Learning Opportunities

ERGO Subject Associations

OTF - Ontario Teacher's Federation

ETFO - Elementary Teacher's Federation

OSSTF  - Ontario Secondary School Teacher's Federation

OECTA  - Ontario English Catholic Teacher's Association

CASLT - Canadian Association of Second Language Teachers

TESOL Canada - Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

OJEN - Ontario Justice Education Network
ELAN - English Language Arts Network