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ERGO Membership is represented by:


  • 32 English District School Boards

  • 69 members






This requirement has a dual purpose: 

  1. It allows board administrators to be aware of who is representing their board at ERGO

  2. Those who are representing their boards at ERGO know that they are accountable for the information they bring back to the boards.



  • Membership forms and payments are due the first meeting of each year.

  • ERGO continues to define the membership structure through our evolving constitution.

ERGO Membership Parameter

  • ERGO membership is made up of board representatives with ESL/ELD responsibility in Ontario school boards; often a board's ESL/ELD consultant/coordinator/lead teacher

  • Board ESL/ELD representatives complete and submit an application form that is to be signed by a Board supervisory officer.

  • Membership is limited to public school boards in 
    Ontario, Canada.

For more information, see ERGO's Constitution

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